Do the Welfare Benefits Weaken the Economic Vote? A Cross-National Analysis of the Welfare State and Economic Voting. International Political Science Review. forthcoming. (with Jungsub Shin) [PDF]

The ‘Most Important Problem’ Dataset (MIPD): A New Dataset on American Issue Importance. Conflict  Management and Peace Science. forthcoming. (with Colton Heffington and Laron K. Williams) [PDF]

The VP-Function: A Review. The SAGE Handbook of Electoral Behaviour, 2v. Eds. Kai Arzheimer, Jocelyn Evans and Michael S. Lewis-Beck. Sage Publications. 2017.  (with Michael S. Lewis-Beck and Mary Stegmaier) [PDF]

R & R

“Coercive Diplomacy and Democratization: How do Sanctions Affect the Ruling Elites during Elections?”  Political Science Quarterly [PDF]

“Who is responsible?  The Effect of Clarity of Responsibility on the Voter Turnout?” West European Politics (with Nikolaos Frantzeskakis and Jungsub Shin) [PDF

Under Review

“Statistical Nightmare of Causal Feedback: How Spatial Econometric Models Improve Empirical Evaluations of Formal Models of Issue Competition” (with Edward Goldring and Laron K. Williams) [PDF]

“The Well-Oiled Machine: Multiparty Autocracies and the Effect of Oil on Electoral Competition” (with Michael Wahman and Matthias Basedau) [PDF]

Working Papers

“When do Agents Deliver the Vote?  Vote-Popularity Function in Electoral Manipulations”[PDF]

 “The Economy as the Most Important Problem: How does Economic Issue Salience Affect the Economic Voting?” 

“Issue Diversity in Public Opinion” (with Tevfi Murat Yildirim)